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Seamstress/ Coutuier

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We as EG BOUTIQUE are looking for a seamstress/coutuier who are good at what they do. Work greatly independently on their own. The individual should be able to alter, and repair articles of clothing. This job is ideal for anyone with excellent sewing skills and an eye for design.

Duties and Responsibilities:
-Fit, Repair, and Alter Clothing
-It is the job of the individual to take a customer’s measurements to fit, repair, or alter clothing to their specifications. While doing this, the tailor must pay close attention to the type of fabric and the general construction of the garment they are working on.
-Construct Garments
-Many individual are responsible for constructing garments to the customer’s specifications. They must first estimate how much time and effort is needed to create the garment, and once this is done, they determine how much to charge.
-Measure Customers
-Before any alterations can be made, she/he must carefully measure their customers.
-Advise Customers
-There are numerous types of fabrics and patterns in the world, and fortunately, seamstresses have in-depth knowledge of many of them. When a customer needs an alteration or a garment, the individual shares this knowledge to help clients better understand their own needs.
-Maintain Sewing Equipment
-Individual use a variety of sewing machines and other items to perform their job.

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Job Mail RSS feed | Pretoria City

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