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2d Animator

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The company creates 2D Animation for their online personal development platform (Flat motion graphics and narrative character animation). The responsibilities include:

  • Liaising with writers, directors, regarding the style, method and execution of the animation to be produced
  • Developing storyboards based on a script
  • Creating 2D graphs and models, to use in 2D motion graphics
  • Character animation (using the company’s established 2D aesthetics and characteristics)
  • Establishing artwork for the backgrounds and layouts for narrative character animation
  • Setting up storyboards and scratch tracks – divided into actions and timing, dialogues and music, animation layers, background
  • Integrating images, characters, etc., into background graphics
  • Syncing visuals with audio and VoiceOver tracks
  • Sound design for final animations
  • Preparing all animation elements for compositing, including delivering in set formats
  • Enhancing animation with special effects at post-production stage.


Graphic Design:

This position will require, from time to time, involvement to help the company create graphic design resources to meet various external needs

  • Designing product resources – infographics, client resources etc.
  • Designing marketing resources – lead generation tools – social posts, ebooks, etc.
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Job Mail RSS feed | Cape Town

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